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Clear Aligners - Invisalign

Clear aligners are a great alterative to traditional orthodontic methods such as Braces. Aligners are both visually unnoticeable and comfortable for day-to-day wear, fitting the exact contours of your natural teeth. Both Invisalign® and SureSmile® treatment plans are available.

Smile Clinic Seaford - Invisalign Provider - Seaford Meadows
Smile Clinic Seaford - SureSmile Provider - Seaford Meadows
Smile Clinic Seaford Invisalign Digital Scans

What to expect at my appointment?

Initial Consult

Prior to commencing orthodontic treatment, an initial consult with your dentist will always take place. This ensures that both the dentist and patient have a clear understanding of the expectations and primary concerns of the patient. The initial consult is also a great opportunity for the patient to bring up any other dental concerns, or determine whether any treatment needs to be performed prior to commencing teeth straightening.


Once the patient has expressed they are happy to go ahead, planning your aligners will commence. This will include the dentist taking photos and scans of your teeth, which will then be used to determine the best course of action, as well as an indication of the duration of treatment, and a possible final result. These scans will be sent away for the fabrication of your aligners.

Receiving Aligners & Maintenance

On the day of receiving  your first set of aligners, the dentist will place tiny tooth-coloured "buttons" on some of your teeth. The will anchor the aligners, and place pressure on particular surfaces of your teeth which aid in the movement and alignment. These buttons will then be removed at the end of your smile journey.


You will receive your first set of aligners along with instructions from the dentist. Following this, the patient returns for regular reviews, where the dentist will issue more aligners, check progress, and may shave the teeth very minimally to accommodate the movement - a process called "IPR".

Smile Clinic Seaford Invisalign Digital Scans

Book your appointment today

If you are considering straightening your teeth but don't know where to begin, book an appointment today and have a consult with one of our dental professionals at Smile Clinic.

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