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Dental Fillings & Fissure Sealants

A dental filling is a procedure required in the case of a cavity or hole forming in the tooth, that involves removing dental decay and restoring the tooth with a resin or metal material. This restorative dentistry is known to be comfortable and non-invasive.

What to expect at my appointment?

Tooth Restoration

During a filling appointment, the dentist will prepare the tooth and remove all dental decay, until a healthy and stable structure is remaining, utilising dental handpieces. The tooth will then be restored with either a resin or metal material, which is shaped to suit your adjacent teeth and bite.


A filling is a common and straight forward procedure, and can be performed either with or without Local Anaesthetic, dependent on the case. Very few patients would describe a filling as uncomfortable or painful.

Fissure Sealants

Fissure Sealants are a restorative method which fills the deep fissures of a tooth with a resin material, usually requiring minimal preparation of the tooth, if any. This simple procedure is generally recommended for children as a preventative measure to avoid dental decay in early adult teeth.

Book your appointment today

If you have been recommended a filling by your dentist, putting it off for a long period of time may lead to more complicated treatment required - so don't wait! Book an appointment today with one of our dental professionals at Smile Clinic.

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