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General Examination

It is recommended that each individual seeks a 6 monthly examination with their dental practitioner. This aids in maintaining good oral health, and the early diagnosis of dental concerns. 

It is also a great opportunity to ask your dentist any questions, or bring up any concerns you may have, including a broken tooth or toothache.

At Smile Clinic, we take pride in being your local family dentist.

What to expect at my appointment?

Routine Check-up

The dentist will perform an assessment of all aspects of your mouth, including your teeth, soft tissue and jaw muscles.

Scale and clean

The dentist will perform a full mouth scale and clean, which involves using scaling tools to remove calculus build-up and stains.


Usually recommended every 2 years, X-Rays of both sides of your mouth allow the dentist to assess between your teeth, to check surfaces are that may not be visible to the eye.

Smile Clinic Seaford General Examination

Book your Examination & Clean today

If you are due for your routine examination, or are considering making an appointment to discuss any concerns or questions with your dentist - don't wait! Book an appointment today with one of our dental professionals at Smile Clinic.

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