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Nitrous Oxide
Inhalation Sedation

If you are or your child are feeling anxious about your upcoming dental appointment - we offer Nitrous Oxide Inhalation Sedation (or - "Happy Gas") at Smile Clinic as a method to relax and make your appointment more comfortable.

We can guarantee our dentist's are experienced and gentle.

What to expect at my appointment?

Be well informed

Prior to your treatment with N₂O, your dentist will discuss with you what to expect during your appointment, as well as ask some questions to determine the most suitable level of gas for your procedure. You will be given the opportunity prior to sedation to ask any questions you may have, and will be given written instructions and information regarding your treatment with N₂O.

Comfortability during treatment

N₂O is an effective method at calming your nerves during your dental visit, by inhaling the gas through your nose, and exhalating out of your mouth - causing a calm and relaxing sensation through your body. This method is generally used along side Local Anaesthetic, and aids in blocking the feeling of pain from your brain.


Following your procedure, the dentist will perform a "flush", where the nitrous is entirely reduced, and oxygen is passed through the nose-piece to subside any symptoms from the N₂O.

 In most cases, the body processes N₂O very quickly, meaning you will leave the dental surgery feeling completely aware and unaffected following your treatment with gas, and can usually return to work immediately.

Book your appointment today

Book an appointment today and mention that your may required Nitrous Oxide. Our friendly staff with book a consult with one of our dental professionals at Smile Clinic .

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